Dr. Susanne Kerner, Ph.d., Director of the Ritual Landscape of Murayghat

Dr. Susanne Kerner is Associate Professor in the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies (ToRS) at University of Copenhagen. She has studied Archaeology, Ethnography and Ancient Oriental Languages in Berlin and is Dr. Phil in Near Eastern Archaeology (Freie Universität Berlin).

Currently, Susanne is occupied with the research project The Ritual Landscapes of Murayghat, which is a large ritual site with archaeological remains consisting of dolmens, standing stones and other architecture in central Jordan. Formerly, Susanne has been the director of an archaeological institute (German Protestant Institute of Amman, GPIA) in Amman, Jordan and has directed excavations of different sites in Jordan, spanning from localities such as Roman water systems to Chalcolithic settlements.

Susanne has published academic works on commensality and food culture, climate, craft specialization and social organization in the 5-4th millennia BC and pottery. She further has academic interest in archaeological theory, especially the role of food in identity building and the relationship between commensality and social organization; the relationship between social organization, prestige and craft specialization and gender studies in archaeology. Susanne is teaching several undergraduate and graduate courses at Copenhagen University and supervises PhDs.

Isabelle Ruben, … , Vice director


Richard Hugh Barnes, Technical surveyor

Richard Hugh Barnes is a self-taught technical surveyor with over 35 years of experience working in the field. Hugh has worked in many areas of the Middle East such as Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Oman, Syria and Qatar. He works with technical aspects of survey, producing surface plans of unexcavated areas and has worked on sites dated from pre-historic to Islamic periods. Since Hugh first worked in Jordan in 1984 at the site of Udruh, he has lived in Amman for four years and worked in Jordan regularly, excavating and recording sites throughout the country. Based in Denmark, Hugh is currently employed at University of Copenhagen.


Matthias Flender, ...,  Survey director

Ann Andersson, M.A., Ceramicist and field archaeologist

Ann Andersson is an M.A. in Ancient and Medieval Near Eastern Archaeology from the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies (ToRS) at University of Copenhagen with the thesis ”An Analysis of the Ceramic Assemblage from the EBA period Site, Dhra’, in the southern Levant, Jordan”. Besides an interest in ceramic research, Ann has worked on archaeological sites in Jordan and the Gulf (Kuwait and Qatar). She has an academic interest in the study of the Early Bronze Age (EBA) of the southern Levant and stone monuments such as standing stones and dolmens.

Ann is also interested in the social organization and ritual practices of the EBA southern Levant. Ann has participated in The Ritual Landscape of Murayghat project in the previous seasons, as a ceramicist and field archaeologist. She is also involved in the study of the Dilmun culture, the dynamics of trade relations and cross cultural contacts between the ancient cultures of the regions stretching from Mesopotamia to Harappa in the 3rd-2nd millennium in the Gulf and of the study of personal adornment.